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Atari ST/TT/Falcon communications. from Ronald. Also, you can find an information sheet on running STinG on a plain 1mb ST along with CAB v NETUS-Bee Sting Installation. A step by step guide for installing a small Sting setup under TOS to allow an Atari with ethernet support to hook up to network. 17 May For MagiC and STinG there is some info here whatimpossiblelife.com whatimpossiblelife.com although I could not get MagiC to work, well not yet.

Here is a new version of a null modem TCP/IP connection between the atari and a PC this timewith the use of the STING stack. I don't see a. 5 Sep Around that time, Jookie was also working on a replacement STiNG-compatible internet driver. The idea was to provide TCP-IP to the Atari. This is a small HOWTO for connecting an Atari ST and an Atari Falcon to your network via STing, MIDI and Nullmodem. It was original written and maintained by.

Atari ST - Essential software (The List) NEWsie. Description: Combined Email/ News/FTP client program for the STiK/STinG range of TCP/IP stacks. Version. You have to download STING and your specific driver. For the NetUSBee you'll find it at whatimpossiblelife.com If you're in a hurry. CosmosEx is a device for Atari ST computers which replaces multiple The lightweight replacement of STiNG offers network connectivity for ST network apps at. 23 Aug In the following tutorial, I'll describe how I connected my Atari ST to the Internet via for you, containing the STinG network stack for your Atari. trlprlzh, V, 29,, , STiNG clients and server to print remotely on an Atari ST or other hosts (whatimpossiblelife.com) using the standard LPR protocol.

Atari ST links. Peter Rottengatter's Homepage: Peter Rottengatter is the german author who created STinG, and this page is the original STinG homepage. Game information, description, and download page for Sting (19xx)(-) ROM for Atari ST. Netsurf Browser porting for Atari FreeMint Should work with all internet stacks, but the package only contains compiled versions for MagicNet and Sting / Stik. whatimpossiblelife.com Oct 25K [ ] whatimpossiblelife.com Oct 59K [ ] whatimpossiblelife.com Oct 99K [ ] whatimpossiblelife.com Oct 32K [ ] whatimpossiblelife.com


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