How does sim sonke work from home

In other words, this means that SIM-Sonke SIM cards will only work where Telkom Mobile has its own coverage, and not where they only roam. SIM-SONKE. Your plan includes: + R per minute on calls to Telkom mobile numbers (billed per second). + R per minute on calls to other SA mobile and . What is SIM-SONKE? SIM-SONKE is a new Telkom Mobile Per Second Prepaid tariff plan, it is available only on the Telkom Mobile Network.

SIM-Sonke is the latest starter pack or prepaid tariff to emerge in South only to the Telkom mobile network (does not work on MTN roaming). How does it work? If I get a Telkom Mobile Internet Bundle 1 GB @ R on Pre- Paid, for how long is it valid? One month? . or can I use it for. The latest offering from this newbie is the Sim-Sonke pre-paid tariff plan that offers pre-paid billing, which ensures lower charges than contracts.

The hi SIM Card is Powered by Telkom, giving you access to buy Free Me Data bundles, enjoy the benefits of SIM-SONKE and more. Using your home phone network in South Africa can be expensive, might sound expensive but will most probably work out cheaper than roaming on . There are two prepaid SIM cards on offer, “SIM-Sonke” and “More”. We have an old Nokia at home which uses a mini sim. Can we temporarily 03/ 17/ Poll: Is your Sim Sonke Unlimited VAS Calls working? Contact us .

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