How to use makeup illuminator

How to Apply Illuminator. Illuminator, while not a necessary part of the makeup application process, is a great way to brighten up the look of your skin. There are . Why do some women always seem to look so radiant, even with very little makeup? Easy. They're using the right products. You don't need a. For me, illuminators are such cosmetics. They are shiny and bright and oh-so- alluring, but mastering their use sends me into a right spin.

Refinery29 demystifies highlighters and illuminators. Also, you're bound to have staple makeup products you use all year-round, but follow this expert advice and use "illuminator in the winter. If you don't fully understand the power of illuminator, let us enlighten you. Here's a how-to on where to apply illuminator to your face.

Definitely don't apply an illuminator to your whole face as you might just look like about illuminators is that you actually can apply them with makeup or without. To achieve the look, mix a drop of liquid illuminator with your moisturizer before applying it. Or, if you prefer only specific areas to be dewy, use.

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