What is air pressure and wind

The wind blows because of differences in air pressure from one location to another. Wind blows from areas of high pressure toward areas of low pressure. mm of Hg = 34 feet of water. Air pressure can simply be measured with a barometer by measuring how the level of a liquid changes due to different weather. Climate - Atmospheric pressure and wind: Atmospheric pressure and wind are both significant controlling factors of Earth's weather and climate. Although these .

Wind is moving air and is caused by differences in air pressure within our atmosphere. Air under high pressure moves toward areas of low pressure. The greater. Visit us for info on air pressure, wind & the weather. Specifically find info here on what air pressure is, wind, gales, sea breezes, land breezes, mountain/valley. Air pressure drives the creation of wind worldwide. Although it is not the only factor, differences in air pressure throughout the Earth's.

Wind speed and air pressure, also called barometric pressure, are closely related . Wind is created by air flowing from areas of higher pressure. Wind (air in motion) tends to blow from where the air pressure is relatively high to Apply the hand-twist model of wind direction to the circulation in actual highs. The simple answer is that wind is a movement of air from higher to lower pressures. That is the general idea but it gets a little more complicated than that. Factors.

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