Asus vg248 how to get to 144hz

I have my new Asus Monitor and am currently running an HDMI cable from my graphics card to the screen and am not using the cable the screen came with. Which hz monitor to get? AOC GPF or ASUS VGQE or View Sonic XG I recently got the wonderful vgqe, tonight me and friends were going to do a LAN so i thought i would bring over my monitor. I cannot get. Hey guys, Im debating on the ASUS VGQE hz monitor and there have been some troubles that ive read on people not wanting to know.

So lately Im having an issue with my monitor. Whenever I launch a game the monitor wont stay on hz. It will automatically go back to 60hz. now i just opened my screen panel and noticed that i only have a hz option while i had alot of options from 60hz to hz.. any ideas why it. ASUS VGQE Gaming Monitor " FHD (x), 1ms, up to Hz, 3D When it comes to design, ASUS always have customers in mind – the ASUS.

Get a £10 whatimpossiblelife.com Gift Card when approved for the Amazon Platinum . ASUS VGQE 24 inch 3D LED Monitor ( x , , Hz. Got GTX and Asus VGQE. Showing Display Port should easily be able to use p at hz. its just confusing as hell.

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