Chmod 664 operation not permitted chown

But can neither chmod not setfacl. File is read-only to me (can't even rename it). I can create whatimpossiblelife.comss2 file in that same directory and. The file is on a file system that does not support file ownership, such as (V)FAT. Depending on mount options chmod/chown will give you errors. [SOLVED]chmod/chown does not change permission/ownership. General support my desired permission for files is The octal version is.

Otherwise it would be easy to get a root access by just using chmod to set the SETUID bit and then changing the ownership to root. stderr: /bin/chown: changing ownership: Operation not permitted # . So I reverted the exports file to root:root @ permissions and. [email protected]:/home/pi# chmod /mnt/NAS_SD chmod: Operation not permitted [email protected]:/home/pi# chown pi . fmask= - set the permissions for files to read, write for user and group. read only for others.

CHMOD whatimpossiblelife.comt. whatimpossiblelife.com: Operation not permitted. Then I tried installing a new. In Unix-like operating systems, chmod is the command and system call which may change the Change permissions to permit members of the programmers group to update a file. $ ls -l sharedFile -rw-r--r-- 1 jsmith programmers 57 Jul 3 sharedFile $ chmod sharedFile $ ls -l sharedFile -rw-rw-r-- 1 jsmith. [email protected]:~$ whatimpossiblelife.com rm: cannot remove `.bashrc': Operation not permitted. So I try chown and chmod but it still doesn't work. are you in a develpment enviroment? why just not do chown -R whatimpossiblelife.com /var/ www sudo chmod -R /var/www whatimpossiblelife.com permitted-and-the-fatsystem/ for more details. k

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