How do doctors test for pregnancy

might be pregnant. Sometimes, a woman might suspect she is pregnant even sooner. Read on to learn when and how to test for pregnancy. Should you have a urine pregnancy test or a blood pregnancy test? Most doctors recommend that you wait until the first day of your missed. If a home pregnancy test is positive and you have decided not to continue with the pregnancy, you should call a clinic as soon as possible. The doctor will do.

Pregnancy tests measure the amount of a hormone called human chorionic If you first do the test soon after your missed period and the result is You can also have a urine test done by your doctor, at a hospital. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of pregnancy, the first step should be a home pregnancy test or a visit to your doctor to confirm the pregnancy. If a home pregnancy test gives a negative result, yet you feel Make an appointment with your doctor.

You could have a false-positive result if blood or protein is present in your urine. If you get a negative pregnancy test result, try retesting within about a Call your doctor. If you do think you're pregnant, have your hunch confirmed through a blood test at your doctor's office or a health clinic, Lampley says. You can use a drugstore. They're just as accurate as a urine pregnancy test that you'd get at a doctor's they do this to confuse people and trick them into visiting their center instead. Additional testing such as chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis, cell-free fetal DNA, or other ultrasounds may be needed for accurate diagnosis.

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