How to jam the blues

Playing the Blues: the Dominant Blues Chord Progression. Well, they all know “how to jam the Blues”, i.e. they know the Blues chord progression and what scales to use to solo on that chord progression. The most used scale to solo over the Blues progression is a minor pentatonic. A blues jam is kind of like a blind date with music. Sometimes, when the chemistry is right, it can be magic. That's what makes jams special—the. To improvise over any blues you need to be able to figure out the KEY. Now that's easiest by learning Blues Rhythm Guitar which if you have not done yet, is a.

learn how to play at a blues guitar jam by developing your self-confidence on guitar and learning how to communicate with other musicians. Up to this point I am assuming that you are playing blues in E, the most common blues jam key. You are not limited to this though! Give A a try! (A D A E D A E). Here's How To Play The Blues With Others & How To Jam Blues using “call and response”. Yours truly! Will Ripley + Mike B (Campfire Guitar.

One of the best ways to learn to play with other people is to go to a blues jam. It's a chance to play with better musicians and to see exactly what it takes to. If you want to learn how to jam, you should know the following scales: The Minor Pentatonic Scale. The Blues Scale. The Major Scale. The Minor Scale.

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