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Killer Queen is a ten player arcade strategy game played between two teams of five players. The gold team plays on the gold cabinet and the blue team plays on . Killer Queen pits two five-player teams against each other. Each team starts with four workers and a queen with three ways to win. You may have stumbled across the name 'Killer Queen Arcade' while browsing for arcade games, or maybe you saw a crowd of players at your.

Yet Killer Queen developers Nikita Mikros and Joshua DeBonis have gone the opposite route by creating an arcade cabinet-exclusive that very. Killer Queen is a real-time strategy platform video game for up to ten players, developed by Josh DeBonis and Nikita Mikros, the co-founders of Bumblebear Games. It premiered in at New York University's fourth annual "No Quarter" exhibition for indie arcade games. How will the version 15 patch affect gameplay? We've included some physics changes which will impact bump logic and behavior as well as game physics.

Killer Queen v15 is now officially out! Operators have been informed of the update--please be on the lookout at your local arcade. As always, we'd love. Killer Queen Arcade. likes ยท 21 talking about this. Killer Queen Arcade is a player team-based real-time strategy platformer inspired by classic. Killer Queen already has a healthy arcade presence, especially in Portland barcade Ground Kontrol, and it could get bigger when BumbleBear.

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