What is a puddle jumper flight

When we switched planes in Atlanta they gave us a puddlejumper down to Daytona and I barfed all over K-Fed who was "Did you fly in on a big airplane?". Is it true that you get paid less than some flight attendants? Yes, but it depends on the airline. Most of us are doing this because we have a. The one we are flying to Chicago on holds 70 passengers.

connecting trips to smaller airports. The flight across country was not bad, but the ride in the puddle jumper between Boston and Connecticut was a little rough. I found an airline (easyJet) that will fly 4 of us from Paris to Hamburg, you haven't heard of them doesn't mean that they are puddle jumpers. Answer 1 of 3: Anyone done this? How much does it cost? And do you have to book it when you get there or can you do it in advance? We are.

It's a plane! A very small one: Family survives puddlejumper flight. Updated April 17, at AM ; Posted April 17, at AM. Comment. A puddle jumper is a small plane that's used for flight connections involving small airports. While puddle jumpers are very safe. A regional jet (RJ) is a class of short to medium-range turbofan powered regional airliners. "propliners", with features such as aircraft lavatories and air hostesses , were taken aback when flying aboard on "puddle jumpers" that had neither.

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