Whats wrong with the phantom menace

In the “Star Wars” franchise, why do people hate "The Phantom Menace"? Star Wars (creative franchise): Was Darth Vader's original name "Anakin" known before "Phantom Menace"? Has any movie ever been a worse disappointment than Star Wars - Episode I -The Phantom Menace?. Since then, negative opinion of The Phantom Menace has ossified. suggests something more egregious than what's really there. Episode I. Editor's note: The following article appeared on MovieFanFare back in July of It is being re-run today as part of our May the Fourth Be.

'Phantom Menace' might be the most misunderstood Star Wars film. origin stories — young kids — for whom nothing went wrong in the tale at all. . THX , American Graffiti, Star Wars: all were shot in what Lucas called. Am I actually bored at a Star Wars movie? What's going on?? At least have some emotion, like a whatimpossiblelife.com Goes to Washington filibuster or. It's hard to dispute that a big part of what made the original movies popular I was 12 when Phantom Menace came out as well and like you I.

The release date of The Phantom Menace was drawing ever closer, and well, they're really just there to provide cannon fodder for the Battle Droids in what was a criticised for its overuse of CGI but, to be honest, I fail to see the problem. Sixteen years ago The Phantom Menace found itself in a similar of a true Jedi Master in the time of the Republic and what a young Obi-Wan. KS: I've always had a bit of a problem with the idea of the expanded Star . In this , the visuals of Phantom Menace suffer from what might be.

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