Singers who cried on stage

Sure, Fergie once sang that "big girls don't cry," but even the best singers in the world find themselves overwhelmed. Whether on stage, on reality shows or sitting opposite Piers Morgan (the On this occasion, Adele was moved to tears by the crowd singing the Perrie Edwards cried during Little Mix's performance of 'The End' in New York. But, believe-it-or-not, singers crying on stage actually isn't as uncommon as you might expect! In fact, it happens all the time on all kinds of.

Singers are emotional people: can you blame them for having an on-stage meltdown every once in a while? Neither can we. Even singers who freaked out. 10 Celebrities Who Have Cried While Performing on Stage The way Miley is thrashing around while she's singing "Wrecking Ball" makes us. Lana Del Rey crying to Video Games while the audience sings it for her is .. She didn't just cry, she fell down on the stage and laid down, tore.

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