Where to place my jerry can jeep

The one pictured below has a receiver that bolts on to the Jeep frame, and a jerry can holder that slides into the receiver. No holes need to be. Take a 1 gallon plastic gas can, fill it with pump gas, put it in your garage on a warm Summer day and then come back in a few days. That's a neat, relatively unused place to put your can, but I like Jerry cans in places on the rig less likely to take direct impact in a traffic accident.

MORryde Spare Tire Jerry Can Holder w/ Tall Tray ( Jeep Wrangler YJ, Remove the center cap from your rim and place the wheel back on the tire carrier . MORryde Spare Tire Jerry Can Holder w/ Short Tray ( Jeep Wrangler The MORryde Frame Side Mount Jerry Can Holder with a short tray is designed for use on all . I have a snorkel on my passenger side and it is in the same spot. Buy Smittybilt Jerry Gas Can Holder: Fuel System - whatimpossiblelife.com For over 50 years Smittybilt has been the brand customers trust to outfit their Jeeps with . back-track to try to locate the Jerry can (fillled with 5 gals of hi-test gasoline).

JERRY GAS CAN HOLDER MOUNT w/STRAP HMMWV JEEP M M CUCV M35A2 NOTE: Jerry Can in the pictures are not included. Note: Install.

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