Hootie hoo when you see cops hootie

Plus that crooked cop Brock think we blow slangin' (fuck him) That why he ride And forever hollerin' "Hootie Hoo!" when we see cops. I'm strictly stressin' dirty. "Hootie hoo" is a call used by the host(s) of a party to let everyone know the Get a Hootie Hoo mug for your Facebook friend Sarah. 2 When we see cops. And forever hollering "Hootie Hoo!" when we see cops. Shit, cops and robbers niggas be bound to get them dollars and cents. They get in a slump like baseball .

gone represent it to the t-top born and bred up on the street top and forever hollerin "hootie hoo" when we see cops im strickly dressin dirty dirty gone represent it.

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