How do you cute in spanish

You have such a cute puppy!¡Tienes un cachorro muy lindo! b. precioso. I saw a cute baby at the whatimpossiblelife.com un bebé precioso en el parque. c. mono. What a cute. I love the drawing you made at school! How cute!¡Me encanta el dibujo que hiciste en la escuela! ¡Qué lindo! b. qué precioso. This photo of your daughter is. How do you say 'she is so cute' in Spanish. Thank you.

All the words you provide might fit at different levels of "beautiful". Personally, I would translate "cute" as "mono" or "rico" (but never as "mono. In Puerto Rico when we fine something cute, we say, “Ay, qué chulo” (Aww! How cute). So, “you're cute” translates “estas chulo (towards a boy; 'chula' towards a. I have lots of things I could be saying cute with in spanish. Could someone possibly tell me what cute is?.

Cute Spanish phrases will make anyone fall in love with you. Sound charming and adorable with this selection of 30 super cute phrases in Spanish.

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