How to change a digital thermometer battery

Published: | The Philips Avent Digital thermometer set is here to make your life easier. Find out how to replace the battery. The battery will last a long time with normal use. However, if the battery symbol is indicating very low battery (by blinking), or if the thermometer no longer starts. You twist the head off counter clockwise. I was trying to pry it open, but of course that did not work. Good luck! How to open thermometer to.

The Citizen Digital Thermometer CTA is fully compliant with the internationally Do not attempt to disassemble the unit, except to replace the battery. To change Thermapen batteries startby carefully removing the battery cover. Insert a coin into the slot and using firm but even pressure, rotate the battery cover. Battery. Compartment. Digital Thermometer. READ AND KEEP THESE now ready to read and will not change when the thermometer is removed. • Turn the.

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