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Mar 31, With so much focus on Robin and the (still!) nameless Mother, it's easy for How I Met Your Mother fans to forget about Ted's other love interests. The last time we saw Victoria was this season's "Sunrise," when Ted and Robin list his five best and worst girlfriends. In Season 1, Ted meets Victoria at his friends Stuart and Claudia's (The Robin, despite Ted cheating on her with Robin in Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M. Apr 2, So not only do we have no idea what happened, Victoria is forever the "Not right, .. But there's anything How I Met Your Mother did well, it was.

Apr 1, The "How I Met Your Mother" finale disappointed viewers when (SAD SPOILER ALERT), and the Mother being together than what actually happened in Season 9. Spinoff with Victoria: “How I Met Your Stupid Uncle Ted. Jan 17, It would've been cupcake girl, which — to be honest — would've been the more fitting end, I think, although how they could have retrofit Victoria. Mar 31, The last episode of the show gives in to 'How I Met Your Mother's or helping his ex-girlfriend Victoria (Ashley Williams) run off from her own wedding. Too much was happening in the finale to give real emotional weight to.

Jul 26, How I Met Your Mother isn't ready to close the book on the Ted-Victoria The CBS comedy is bringing back Ashley Williams (a.k.a. Victoria) for a a lot of misadventures that could have happened before they finally said I do. Sep 19, It's been fun thinking, “Well, OK, that's what happened to Ted. What's been going on with Victoria?” We haven't seen her since she got on that. "The Autumn of Break-Ups" is the fifth episode of the eighth season of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, The two state that Victoria was actually giving Ted signals about a deeper commitment, especially since they were continuing their. Sep 27, scream at our TV, and in the case of last night's How I Met Your Mother, literally fall out of your chair. Well, perhaps the latter just happened to.

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