How to build a paper model bridge

In this project, you'll be designing a paper bridge. Here, you'll learn how different structures distribute forces that could cause a bridge to. Paper Bridge: I will be showing you how to make a paper bridge. The possibilities are endlessly fun when you are playing with your very own paper bridge!. In this project you will build a simple "bridge" using materials you already have on hand—paper and tape! Can you build a miniature bridge that doesn't collapse .

Every day we pass bridges, whether it's a foot bridge, a highway overpass, a span over water, or a viaduct over a valley. We pass on these. Many teachers ask their students to build paper bridges to teach them about the purpose and Use a truss bridge as the model for your construction. Roll the. Making a strong paper bridge requires concentration, attention to detail and a Rolls Paper Bridge, Construction Paper, Science And Nature, Paper Craft, Have .

Plan for extra bracing around load areas b. Choose a truss to use. – Warren. – Pratt. – Howe. – K truss c. Draw the bridge to scale. – Use graph paper.

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