How to restrict facebook in mozilla firefox

How to Block Websites on Firefox. This wikiHow teaches you how to prevent access to a specific website in Firefox. You can do this in a couple of different ways. This article explains how to block websites or filter website content in Firefox that may be offensive or inappropriate for children. Stay focused and improve productivity. Easily block any distracting or harmful website. Stop procrastination once and for all! Simply Block.

Websites store things like your preferences and login status in "cookies" on your computer. This article describes how to enable and disable cookies in Firefox. To disable cookies, select Block cookies and site data and use the drop-down . If you are using Mozilla Firefox on computers in your office, you can block access to specific websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and game websites. Firefox is. Mozilla has developed an extension for its Firefox browser to prevent Facebook from collecting data from your Internet usage beyond the social.

We made a new add-on for @firefox called Facebook Container in response to the growing demand we see for tools that help manage privacy. You can block and filter websites with particular types of content in Firefox using parental controls on your operating system or various extensions. Mozilla is capitalizing on the recent fears over Facebook privacy and data by creating a new Firefox extension that stops Facebook from.

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