What does espero que mean in spanish

"I hope you are well"-"Espero que estés bien." Sometimes, in English, "Expect" can mean "To be sure". In that case it would be "estás". I mean. Translate Espero que estén bien. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. Espero que consigas trabajo pronto.I hope that you get a job soon. b. I hope. ¿ Tendremos que vender la casa? - Espero que whatimpossiblelife.com we have to sell the house?.

Learn how to use the Spanish sentence "Espero que no." (I hope I don't think that it really modifies the verb since it does mean "to hope" (also to wait/to expect. ). Esperar is a common Spanish verbs whose meanings include "to hope Note, for example, the difference in meaning between "Espero que va. My dictionary says Espero que sí = I hope so but I still am unable to work out why it could not mean I expect so. Perhaps it can, depending on.

So, to say "I hope you are not tired", one can say either "ojalá que no estás which is from Arabic originally meaning: "God willing"and now means I hope. Subjunctive: espero que no estés cansado (I hope you're not tired). And finally the third one is the definition of to wait. I hope he doesn't wait for me but I expect him to = Deseo que no me espere, aunque tengo. For your example with your boss, he could say in spanish with a strict tone: ¡ Espero que estés aqui a las 9 en punto! It is absolutely clear he meant expect. es·pe·ro que Conjunction. Translate "espero que" to English: I hope that. Spanish Synonyms of "espero que": ojalá. Define meaning of "espero que": Ojalá.

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