How to pronounce elin in swedish

Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce Elin in Swedish, Norwegian Bokmål, Danish, Faroese, Welsh, Finnish with native pronunciation. Elin translation. Pronunciation of Elin - Learn how Elin is pronounced in different languages. girl names > elin > pronounce. name search Pronounce Elin in Swedish. Thinking about the name Elin - I've been assuming we would pronounce it the ' Welsh' way rather than the 'Scandi' way. Trouble is, I don't know for.

How to say or pronounce Elin in different languages and countries. Pronunciation guide for the name of people and places. Find Submitted from: Sweden. So, how would y'all pronounce Elin? Ellen? E lynn, but we have a dear friend from sweden who spells it that way & pronounces it E lynn. How do you say Elin in Swedish? Pronunciation of Elin found 2 audio voices for Elin.

How would YOU pronounce Elin? I went to HS with someone with this name ( she was from Sweden) and she pronounced it eh-LIN. I like that. Tiger Wood's Swedish wife, Elin do you pronounce it as EEE-lin, with a "long E," (as in "tree") or as Eh-lin, with a "short E," (as in "egg")? I.

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