When to zip up your pants

If you unconciously forget to zip your pants, simply forget whatever you have If you forget pulling up, it would be hard to walk and that would remind you to fix it. ZIP UP YOUR PANTS. ZIPPER. BARN DOOR IS OPEN. BETTER ZIP UP. BOMBBAY'S OPEN. COW BARN'S OPEN. DOOR'S OPEN. FLY TIME. Definition of zip up in the Idioms Dictionary. zip up phrase. What does zip up expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

Zip first, so you can realize how your pants can't fit you and so you can access to the zipper and can make sure I zip it all the way up to the top. When I put on my trousers it's button then zip . to maneuver through the slit, the zipper functions best when it has less freedom of movement as. An Abbreviation for "examine your zipper". 6. XYZunknown. make sure the crotch of your pants is zipped up (from examine your zipper). You over there, XYZ !.

Problem: Your favorite pair of pants has a “lazy” zipper that keeps falling down. Best-case scenario? People think you carelessly forgot to zip. Pull it firmly to tighten it around the zipper pull. Then when you zip up your jeans, slip the open loop over the button, and do up your jeans as normal. Here's a quick tip you might not know unless you were trained well in the art of laundry: Zip up all the zippers and fasten all the other fasteners.

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