50 Tips to Start Losing Weight

June 29, 2017

Losing weight can seem daunting but here are 50 tips that you can implement right now to get started on the right track!

  1. Eat less
  2. Move more
  3. Eat slower, this will help you realize when you are full
  4. Drink more water
  5. Eat less junk and more real food
  6. Try Interval Training
  7. Find a physical activity you enjoy
  8. Eat less sugar
  9. Go for a walk every day
  10. Eat more fiber and protein
  11. Take your own lunch to work
  12. Get enough sleep
  13. Make lifestyle changes not short-term changes
  14. Don’t eat out as often, try this for dinner instead
  15. There is a difference between hunger and cravings, when in doubt have a glass of water
  16. Avoid calorie filled drinks
  17. Remember it takes time, don’t expect instant results
  18. Do it for the right reasons to make it last
  19. Tell others, this will hold you accountable
  20. Drink a glass of water before every meal
  21. Find a friend to join you
  22. Spend more time outdoors
  23. Treat exercises as meetings and stick to them
  24. Avoid “diet” products, just because there are no calories doesn’t mean it’s good for you
  25. Break a sweat every day
  26. Buy fresh local food
  27. Track your calories
  28. Eat only when you are hungry, stop before you are full
  29. Focus when eating, do not watch tv or play with phone
  30. Take before and after pictures
  31. Measure your progress
  32. Aim to lose fat, not just weight
  33. Eat more vegetables
  34. It’s ok to make a mistake, just get back on track
  35. Aim for consistency, not just binging and dieting
  36. Lift weights (women too), muscle helps burn fat
  37. Exercise in the mornings: not having time is not an excuse
  38. Limit starches and sugars
  39. Reward yourself with things other than food
  40. Focus on what you love about your body, not what you hate
  41. Meal prep once a week to have meals ready when you are hungry
  42. Follow an exercise routine at the gym
  43. Purchase food that has less than 5 ingredients on the nutrition label
  44. Try one new physical activity each week
  45. Avoid fast food
  46. Don’t buy groceries while hungry
  47. Make sure you are getting enough protein
  48. Drink herbal teas and fruit infused water instead of soda
  49. Focus on more than the scale, notice how clothes fit or how you have more energy
  50. Focus on your own journey, don’t compare to others
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My name is Jennifer Mouzon, I'm a 25 year old "self-improver" that is passionate about learning, cooking and loving the earth. I enjoy researching new ideas and methods to keep growing and want to share them with you!

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