6 Harsh Truths You Must Accept to Become Strong and Happy

June 14, 2017


Sometimes life can be rough. It feels like nothing goes right and that you are the victim of events outside of your control. It’s so easy to blame others than admit that we are at fault, but we are not victims of our lives. We are powerful and in control of most things that happen to us. If you need a reminder to push yourself to be better, here are 6 harsh truths you must accept to become stronger and happier.

  1. You are responsible for your own happiness.

Like it or not this is up to you and no one else. No one owes you anything and no one’s job is to make you happy. You have to do this yourself. If you aren’t living the life you want, you have the responsibility to do everything in your power to change that. You will need to soul search, make tough decisions and maybe do some things you don’t want to do at first, but it is up to you to make it happen for yourself.

  1. Life doesn’t suck, your view sucks.

If all you look for is crap, then all you will see is crap. If you look for the positive in any situation then you will find it. Bad things don’t happen to you more than to anyone else, but if it seems like it, then you might want to take a step back and review. Count your blessings. Go back to your roots and find things that make you smile that you may have forgotten. Embrace little miracles and change your view.

  1. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do.

Sometimes there are unpleasant things you don’t want to do that are just bad luck, but most things you are doing for a reason. You might not enjoy it, but you know that it is something you need to do for something you want. When you get what you want and look back on the journey, you will see it was a choice that you made because you wanted that outcome, you still did what you wanted.

  1. You are not always right.

You will make bad choices. You will say things you regret. You will make stupid mistakes that your brain will feel the need to remind you about at 2 am. You can’t go back in time and undo them, the best thing you can do is make amends and learn. If you’ve wronged someone, go to them and sincerely apologize for what you did and make it right. Use this as a learning experience going forward so that you won’t make that mistake again. Besides, you’ll be too busy making new mistakes to repeat it.

  1. You are everything that is wrong with you.

If you are noticing your own character flaws or are not accomplishing things you set out to do, that is on you. You are your actions, not your thoughts, and if you are not acting the way you want then you need to change it. You make your bad choices, you make your mistakes and you can learn from them. You are also everything that is right about you, so you have the power to grow and improve.

  1. The future is not set in stone.

The future is up to you. If things haven’t gone well, they can improve, things can get better and you can live your dreams. If things are going great, you can lose that in the future and go through bad times. No one knows what the future holds so it is up to you to do your best and work hard to be prepared for anything that may come. You determine what your future looks like.

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