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July 22, 2017

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Whether you are a health nut or new to the fitness scene, it can be difficult some days to find motivation to workout. You have a million reasons not to exercise (pssst…. we know they don’t matter)… you don’t have time, it sounds boring, it’s uncomfortable, you’d rather stay in bed. It would be easier if we were actually looking forward to exercising, wouldn’t it?

What if you could change your attitude towards fitness forever and get in shape like you never believed? Now you can! These are 5 apps that you can download for free right now, that I promise will be a game changer. I use these apps regularly, and they make my workouts: more fun, easier to manage and did I mention more fun?


Here are the  5 best fitness apps that you can download today to take your fitness to the next level!

  1. Zombies, Run!

Can I just say how incredible this app is? Download this one for free, plug in your headphones and immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world. As Runner 5 of Abel Township, it is your duty to brave the zombie hoards to gather supplies for survival by outrunning zombies. In real life, you are running or walking, but you won’t mind.

Along the way you are tuned into an amazing audio adventure that leads you on a mystery story of what happened to society, full of memorable characters and beautiful sound effects. This game is so immersive you will look forward to completing each mission and surviving the zombies!


Favorite features:

  • Listen to your own music along with the story’s audio. Time settings can be adjusted for long or short runs.
  • Intense interval training through zombie chases. Accelerometer in your phone will tell if you have sped up enough to outrun them. The sound of the hoard chasing you is frighteningly real and will push you.
  • Collect items along the way during each mission that you can use to upgrade your township when you get home.

Free to download in Google Play or the App Store.

You can upgrade to premium for $3.99/month to unlock unlimited and ad free missions, interval training and an airdrop, more statistics, customize your run and difficulty and more.


  1. Habatica

This app is seriously cool. Do you ever wish real life was like your favorite role-playing game? Now it can be. With Habatica you can customize your avatar and complete daily challenges to earn rewards and experience. These can be used to upgrade your avatar, buy potions or eggs and equipment.

This game is totally customizable. Habits you are building, daily tasks and to do lists are created by you and you choose the difficulty and what reward you earn for completing it. Forget to complete something or skip an exercise? You will lose health just like in a game. If you need quests and targets to stay on track with exercise, this is for you!


Favorite Features:

  • Join taverns and guilds to complete quests and challenges for anything you are interested. Chat with others in your guild for support and encouragement.
  • Can receive notifications to remind you to complete tasks, this is excellent if you need structure and reminders while building a habit.
  • Makes physical improvements feel tangible by seeing stats increase. If you enjoy video games and respond well to those rewards then this will really help.

Free to download in Google Play or the App Store.

Can join a subscription for $4.99 per month to receive additional benefits.


  1. WorkIt

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to keep track of an exercise routine and remember what you did when you were at the gym. WorkIt is a fitness planner and log that makes it so much easier to keep track of.

You can plan out your exercises beforehand to use as a guide when you go to the gym, or log as you go to enter the exercise, reps, sets and weight used. This is excellent for tracking progress to know where to improve during your next workout.

Exercise programs are included that will tell you how many reps and sets to do of each exercise and what day of the week. Whether you are new to the gym or are a veteran this app will simplify your fitness routine to maximize gains.


Favorite Features:

  • Several programs included, if you don’t know where to start this is excellent to make sure you get a good workout.
  • Track progress by seeing reps and weights over time so you know what to work on in the future.
  • Pictures of each workout to refresh your memory if you aren’t familiar with names yet.

Free to download in Google Play.

Upgrade to Pro for $4.99 to track body measurements, see more graphs and stats and upload progress pics. Can also unlock additional color schemes for $2.50 and remove ads for $2.99.


  1. BodBot

Take the guess work out of your exercise program. If you want someone to tell you what to do when, then BodBot is the app for you. By answering a few questions to determine what your goals and experience are, what your schedule looks like and a few physical tests, you will get a custom-made exercise program that will tell you exactly what to do when.

Each workout session includes a warmup, a main exercise and a cool down so you are getting a complete workout without having to think about a thing. Instructions, videos and pictures show you how to do each exercise. This is about as close as you will get to a personal trainer without spending thousands!


Favorite Features:

  • Workouts are customized to you based on how much you want to exercise, what intensity you can handle and what your goals are. This is not a one size fits all program.
  • Can switch between gym and at home workouts, so there is no reason you can’t exercise anytime and anywhere.
  • Videos and instructions show you proper form and how to complete each exercise correctly, reducing the risk for injury.

Free to download in Google Play or the App Store.

Upgrade to BodBot Plus for $5.00/month billed annually or $10.00/month billed monthly. This unlocks additional tools and features to track your progress and includes nutritional information for a well-rounded health program.


  1. Runtastic Road Bike Cycling Trainer

If you are working on improving your biking, this is the app for you. Runtastic Road Bike Cycling Trainer will track your location on a map to calculate calories burned, distance traveled and speed. If you are beginning a bicycling program this is an excellent way to track distances and speed as you improve over time and to see routes you travel.

You can sync up to a heart rate monitor or speed and cadence sensor to track even more stats from your ride. Settings allow you to switch between cycling, cycling (ergometer), handbiking, race cycling and spinning, so you are covered regardless of the workout.


Favorite Features:

  • Intuitive and easy to use on a bike where you can’t pay much attention to the app or use your hands. Also includes a voice coach to keep you in the zone.
  • Pro Features are very useful and are worth the money. Will really give you more control over your cycling training.
  • Seeing the map is excellent for tracking distance and location on long distance rides.

Free to download in Google Play or the App Store.

Upgrade to Pro for $4.99 to access more features: find and create routes; remove ads; set a calorie, distance or duration goal; view more stats; auto pause when you stop and more.



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