Can this Mat Help you Sleep Better?

May 27, 2017


While researching different things to help me sleep better, I came across this unusual product with great reviews. Allow me to introduce you to the Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat. At first glance this sleep mat looks like a bed of nails. And first time using it, it feels like it as well. I was skeptical when i saw this, as it claims to help you relax and sleep better, but the idea of laying on something sharp to relax just sounds absurd. I wondered, does this ” sleep mat ” really work?



How does this work?

The idea behind it is that the spikes on the mat activate acupressure points along your back, releasing tension and helping you relax. By pressing on your back it increases blood circulation to the area, making it feel warm and releasing hormones that will help you sleep. I was skeptical but it had excellent reviews on the Bulletproof website. People claimed that it worked better than they thought it would and that they couldn’t live without it. Despite my skepticism, I ordered one for my dad for Christmas as he had enjoyed the other Bulletproof products he had tried, and I thought he would be interested.



First time trying it….

We opened it Christmas morning and used it right away. Not going to lie, it hurt. It did not feel comfortable to lay on and it made me a bit fidgety. The spikes are not overly sharp, they are definitely not a bed of nails despite appearances. However lying on it with body weight does create quite a bit of pressure along your back.

The directions said to give it about 20 minutes so I decided to tough it out. By 20 minutes in, I was starting to relax. My back felt warm, and I could feel the muscles loosening up. With a bit of wiggling, the mat made a great back scratcher. I laid on it for about 40 minutes total, and I felt noticeably better when I got up. The tension in my back wasn’t as bad and it felt refreshed in a way. There seemed to be something to it.



I still use it

I have purchased a second Sleep Induction Mat for myself and use it all the time. It’s great for any time of the day, not just before bed, but I have added it to my evening routine. It definitely helps you relax before bed, but I have found that using it in the mornings or afternoons makes me feel refreshed and less tense. With regular use most of my back pain has disappeared and I fall asleep easier.



Try putting your feet up on a chair or coffee table while using it and bend at the knee to help reach different places on your lower back. The directions say you can use it on any part of your body, but I love just standing on it sometimes. Put on a comfy pair of socks and just step around on it. It will relieve tension in your feet just as it does on your back and it just feels nice.



I am very glad I took a chance and purchased this one. This mat is one product that I use almost daily and has really made a difference for me. Give this one a shot and see how it works for you. I think you’ll love it too.


Get yours here!



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