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May 25, 2017


Get rid of something today. You heard me. Pick out something you might not need anymore and get rid of it now. Trash it, sell it, donate it, either way kick it to the curb. We all live in clutter, but if you look around and notice things piling up, it’s time to do something about it. Here are 8 ways to declutter your home today!

  1. Break it Down

Let’s not get overwhelmed with everything, pick one room to start with. Have a room in mind? Good, now break this room into smaller parts. If you’re working with an office you will want to picture the room as sections, maybe your desk, your book shelf, a filing cabinet and treat each section separately. A bedroom, maybe break it down in to dresser drawers, the closet, under the bed and tackle each one separately.


  1. Start Now

Don’t put it off, don’t overthink it. Get up now and find one thing to get rid of in your first declutter section. If you put it off it will only get more cluttered and you will still have to do it eventually. There’s no time like the present!


  1. What to Get Rid of?

You know what you use and don’t use. See something gathering dust? That’s a safe bet that you won’t miss it. If it’s something minor that you think you may use in the future but don’t know when, then just get rid of it. You haven’t needed it in a long time and can buy a new one when the time comes. This is for things like office supplies, some clothes, or things for hobbies. Besides, if you keep it, you’ll likely forget that you have it anyways and buy a duplicate. I’m guilty of that for sure.


  1. Sentimental Stuff

There will be things you don’t use but you want to keep because of sentimental value. That’s OK to keep, we’ll find something to do with that. Can it be used as a decoration in your home? Can you use it as part of a craft to help memorialize it? If not let’s find somewhere to stash it. This will sound counter-intuitive, but have a “junk drawer” for these things. Find a drawer, or a box in the closet or under the bed to put these in. From the outside, it will be a clean, simple box or dresser that does not look out of place. Inside it can be as messy as it wants. And that’s OK. That is its exact purpose. But only one drawer! Not all of them!


  1. Simplify and Clean

Now that you know how to pick what to get rid of and what to keep, work your way through all of section one. Every shelf, drawer, container, surface, everything. Use cleaning products as you go for the dust and find places to put what you need to keep. You may need to get more containers to hold things, but if it helps to simplify and keep everything self-contained.


  1. Pat Yourself on the Back and Keep Going

Done with section one? You’ll know when there is nothing else for you to go through and it looks freakishly clean compared to the rest of the room. High five! That was the hardest part and you got it done! Now you can move on to section two. You don’t have to do it right now if you don’t have time, but make sure you do at some point. Hold yourself accountable. It has to get done.


  1. Keep it Clean

This part is a little tricky but will save you so much time in the future. They say, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” This is the key to keeping away the clutter. You have the section clean, now keep it that way. Don’t be lazy, put things back in their appropriate place when you are done with them. Stay on top of dusting and cleaning whenever it needs it. It will only take a few minutes a day to quickly dust and put away a few things as needed. This will save you hours of cleaning and organizing in the future.


  1. Get the Family Involved

Keep working through different sections of each room and then to other rooms in the house. Remember to stay on top of the previously cleaned areas. This is a big mental win, when you look around and see how much you have done, it makes it easier to keep going. It can be difficult to do with a family but they can help too! Kids can help clean and can learn to organize and sort things by colors or types of object. If their rooms need clean, use the same system with them. Break it down into manageable pieces and acknowledge when they’ve completed a section. They can learn to put things back when they are done with them to keep play areas tidy.


Try this system out to declutter your whole home! If you’ve tried it how did it work for you?

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