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May 18, 2017


Sometimes we can become frozen on the path to our goals. We can psych ourselves out by the daunting journey ahead, become paralyzed with indecision of how to begin or have burnt out on the path we are on. This is a reminder that anything is possible and that we can get back on track to reach our goals when times are tough. Sometimes it can be difficult to get started, but by taking small steps you can start accomplishing goals right now.

Keep things simple and follow these easy tips to make the journey up the mountain, a walk in the park.

Have a Game Plan…

Think of the goal you would like to achieve. Think of what success looks like for that goal so that you can measure your progress. If you want to be fit, make it more specific. What does fitness mean to you? If you are trying to run a marathon your game plan will look different than someone that wants to become a body builder. Tailor your game plan to your goals and break down the little steps you can do to get started.

Create check points along the way to hold yourself accountable and measure your progress. You want to be able to see tangible results to fuel your motivation, so say you want to lose 10 pounds before a party. Mark it on the calendar and hold yourself accountable. When you reach that goal you can see the results of your hard work and can keep going.

… But Don’t Overthink It

Have an idea of where you want to go but don’t over analyze it. If you spend all your time thinking about what you’re going to do, you might never actually do it, or overwhelm yourself before you even start. The worst thing you can do is to freeze before you even start.

Remember to stay open to new possibilities on the journey of reaching your goal. If you get too focused on your current goal you could miss out. What if you ignore or bypass a new opportunity because you think it won’t help you reach your goal? What if there is a better goal that you are meant to follow that you didn’t see because of your tunnel vision? Be open to change and adapting your goal along the way.

Take a First Step

Often the hardest part is getting started. That first step, no matter how small, can seem daunting when you think of the entire journey ahead. Don’t psych yourself out with the big picture though; right now all you need is to take a step in the right direction.

Want to get fit? Go for a short walk. Want to find a new career? Do a few minutes of research on your desired industry. Want to become a writer? Write the first page. Do something small that is not overwhelming but that will move you closer to your goal. The idea is to just start, so that the first step is out of the way. Try our 30 day fitness challenge to slowly build this habit!

Walk Don’t Run

You’ve taken the first step, now keep walking, and don’t run. You don’t need to run a marathon; you don’t have to make a drastic movement or a big choice yet. Keep taking little steps towards your goal. Keep walking; keep writing; maybe polish your resume, but you don’t need to do anything huge.

It can be intimidating to think that you will be published some day or in the middle of a triathlon because at this point you aren’t ready. But as you make little gains you will see that you are closer to your goal and can sustain these changes long term so that you can keep growing. Last thing you want is to burn out early on while you are still building the skills and discipline to reach your goal.

Ride the Wave

Taking little steps everyday has you making progress. You see the results, you feel good, and you can see the finish line in the distance. Now run. Use this momentum that you have built up to keep pushing you forward. The hard part is behind you, now you have built up the discipline and habits to keep you moving to reach your goal. This is the fun part. Now you are better, stronger, more experienced, it’s time to set a new goal.

This one can be lofty, far fetched, even impossible. But that’s ok. We know impossible doesn’t exist.


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