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June 29, 2017

I have tried so many different budget apps and software to get me on track, but nothing feels right. I feel like every pay check I have to sit down, figure out what is due during that pay period, then hope that I have budgeted correctly to survive for 2 more weeks. I’ve been wanting a pay period calculator to do this for me, but there are no apps that do just what I want. Half of the apps won’t sync to my bank, while the other half need to be updated too frequently. It’s frustrating but I’m still hunting for one that works!

There has to be a better way. In the meantime of searching for an app to make my life easier I decided to make my own! For spreadsheet nerds like me, I created this in excel as I feel that it is easiest to keep track of. This app allows the user to enter in the bills that are due during the month, enter their pay date and net income, and it will tell you what bill to pay on what day and how much you have left to spend.

Using this has made my finances so much simpler! I enter the information, see what bills need paid before my next paycheck, then design my budget around the amount I have left to spend. Using this you can:

  • Pay bills on time to avoid late payments
  • Make budgeting simpler without factoring in bills into the equation
  • End the cycle of overspending by knowing what needs to be paid
  • No surprise bills you forgot about
  • Manage your monthly finances in only a few moments a month

I have designed this to work with up to 20 bills a month but I can certainly expand it if anyone needs more room. I am working on creating a mobile app built around this idea, but in the meantime I want to share with you what is working for me!

This app is very simple, easy to use, and convenient to maintain and update month to month. See the picture below for a preview of what this table looks like. It is filled in with sample data that you can overwrite with your own.

Download (XLSX, 14KB)

Please let me know if this helps anyone else and stay tuned for the development of an Impossible Life budget app!

**Feel free to scan and check this app before hand, I did the same before uploading to make sure it’s safe for everyone :)**

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