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10 Things You Can Do To Live Greener

live green Turn Out the Lights Save energy by turning out lights when you leave a room or when you aren’t using them. Besides saving energy this can help cut down on light pollution. To determine if you should turn the light out, check out this guide by the Department of Energy. Get a Reusable Water Bottle Each day more than 60 million water bottles are thrown away in the US alone[1]. Get a reusable water bottle to carry with…

Start Accomplishing Goals Right Now

  Sometimes we can become frozen on the path to our goals. We can psych ourselves out by the daunting journey ahead, become paralyzed with indecision of how to begin or have burnt out on the path we are on. This is a reminder that anything is possible and that we can get back on track to reach our goals when times are tough. Sometimes it can be difficult to get started, but by taking small steps you can start…

5 Ways to Become a Morning Person

  Picture a morning person. See them waking up at the crack of dawn smiling. Birds are chirping happily, a soft glow bathes the room as they stand up to stretch, excited about the day ahead. They are getting ready to go exercise, probably to set a world record in something, the fact that they are up early means that they are unstoppable. At least, that’s the illusion I have. When I wake up, I roll out of bed after…