marinara sauce

Easy Homemade Marinara Sauce

It's easy to just buy a jar of marinara sauce at the store, but what if you could make it fresh at home just as easily? Now you can. This sauce is so good and can replace any jarred marinara sauce, and it is ridiculously easy to make. Just let this simmer on low for a few hours, and you kitchen will smell wonderful! Try it in this awesome Homemade Lasagna! Easy Homemade Marinara Sauce Makes about 7 cups of…


10 Things You Can Do To Live Greener

live green Turn Out the Lights Save energy by turning out lights when you leave a room or when you aren’t using them. Besides saving energy this can help cut down on light pollution. To determine if you should turn the light out, check out this guide by the Department of Energy. Get a Reusable Water Bottle Each day more than 60 million water bottles are thrown away in the US alone[1]. Get a reusable water bottle to carry with…

Perfect Roasted Brussels Sprouts

It seems like brussels sprouts are often overlooked in the grocery store. These "little cabbages" are often overshadowed by more popular produce, and many people assume they won't like them. This could not be further from the truth, properly cooked brussels sprouts are not only healthy, but can be a delicious side to any meal, or can be the main focus of a vegetarian meal. They are very versatile to cook and flavor so they go great with anything. Roasting…